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Where the Wild Things Are

Documenting the Wildlife Corridors of Cornwall VT

Tracking Connection is working with the Cornwall Conservation Commission to complete a 2-year study of Cornwall's wildlife habitat "connectors," to better understand how large mammals live in and travel between the town's forested habitat blocks.  

Wildlife Sightings Wanted


Anyone can contribute to the Cornwall project by documenting their wildlife sightings, track & sign observations, roadkill reports, and trail camera captures on the iNaturalist website and smartphone app.

Visit to create a free account and download the app.


Primary Target Species:
Bobcat, Black Bear, Fisher, Mink, River Otter & Moose

Secondary Targets:

Coyote, Red Fox, Gray Fox, Porcupine, Beaver, Deer

Adopt a Winter Wildlife Survey Route


We are also looking for volunteers willing to "adopt" a wildlife survey route for Winter 2024 & 2025. You do not need to be an expert tracker to take part, but rather willing to go out a few days after each fresh snowfall (or as often as possible) to walk along a road edge and note any wildlife crossings


for more information or to sign up


Routes Available:

  • Snake Mountain Road

  • Ledgemont Lane/Lemon Fair Drive

  • Cider Mill Road

  • Fisher Road

  • Sperry Road

  • Delong Road

  • Galvin Road

  • Route 30 near Clark Road

Volunteer Materials

Video Tutorial:

Documenting Tracks on iNaturalist

Mink Tracks

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