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Wildlife Tracking Online Course

This course is designed to increase your familiarity with tracks and sign of northeastern mammals and introduce you to a set of practices to enhance your learning process.


Suitable for total beginner through intermediate-level trackers. Start anytime - the course begins with finding tracking spots in all seasons.

Online course enrollment includes:

  • 8 online modules to access at your own pace

  • Each module includes 30-60 mins of content including videos (mostly slideshow presentations), images, and text

  • Optional "homework" and suggested field exercises

  • Access to a community board to ask questions and share your discoveries and progress in the course 

  • Access to all materials for 2 years from the date of enrollment

What's required:

Course outline:

Unit 1 - Introduction

Unit 2 - Tracking Spots & Track Interpretation

Unit 3 - Walkers & Trotters

Unit 4 - Bounders

Unit 5 - Lopes & Gallops

Unit 6 - Wetland Field Trip

Unit 7 - Forest Field Trip

Unit 8 - Final Steps

Topics Covered:

  • Locating a tracking area

  • Approaches to tracking

  • Interpreting clear and unclear prints

  • Following trails

  • Distinguishing commonly-confused species

  • Wildlife behavior and natural history

  • Track patterns and gaits

  • Measuring and photographing tracks for expert confirmation 

  • Accessing tracking resources

  • Using trail cameras

  • Scat and other wildlife sign 

  • Tracking beyond the snow season

It may seem counterintuitive to spend time at a computer learning an outdoor skill, but this course is designed to offer a structure to enhance your field time and accelerate your learning. It will provide you with lots of examples and search images to go looking for in the field, as well as tips on where to go look.  

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