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Now Scheduling for Winter & Spring 2024
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Guided walks & Tracking Programs

Customized to your group (for recreational or educational groups, nature centers, college classes, naturalist groups, families, schools, land trusts, conservation organizations, vacationers, and more)

Wildlife Tracking Walk

Connect with local wildlife through discovery of their tracks and sign. We'll build an understanding of who is active on the landscape and consider where and how to look for evidence of daily and seasonal behaviors, with stories and insights into the adaptations and interrelationships of our wild neighbors woven throughout. 

A typical program will include the follwing elements (with the option to emphasize or exclude certain ones depending on group interest):

  • Where to look for wildlife tracks and sign

  • How to analyze a set of tracks

  • Interpreting the pattern of tracks to visualize how an animal was moving across the landscape

  • Animal sign: scat, feeding sign, denning and bedding areas, and territorial marking

  • Interpreting animal behavior from tracks and sign

  • How to document tracks for wildlife monitoring, community science, or expert confirmation

Winter Wildlife Trailing

Step into the world of one of our local carnivores (typically fox, coyote, fisher or bobcat) as we spend some time following their trail, reading their behaviors, and discovering where they are drawn on the landscape. The more time you spend on the trail, the more you can recognize and anticipate the patterns of a particular species-- and the individual animal of that species. We can also practice good trailing principles that will increase your success at finding and following wildlife trails in all conditions. 

Guided Nature Walk

Tune in to the workings of the natural world through an exploration of your local habitat or a favorite natural area. We will bring awareness to what's happening at this time of year and can focus on a particular subject of interest (trees, birds, wildflowers, etc.) or leave it open to our curiosity and where the trail takes us.  

Half-day (1-3 hours) and full-day (up to 6 hours) programs available

Small groups (10 or fewer) allow for a more personalized experience, but we can find options for groups of up to 20. 

Contact Sophie for more info and to discuss your interests


Backyard/Woodlot Wildlife Survey

For landowners curious to know what wildlife is present in their woods, based on a survey of track and sign. Accompany Sophie on a walking survey or receive a report of findings.


Options include:

-photo documentation of wildlife sign

-listing of significant wildlife habitat features

-advice on placement of trail cameras to detect wildlife

Town/Regional Wildlife Survey

For towns or regional organizations looking to identify and map wildlife corridors or better understand wildlife habitat and connectivity areas. We can discuss a customized plan of field surveys, trail camera placement, and community consultations to understand how indicator species (otter, mink, moose, bobcat, bear and fisher) travel throughout your region. 

Contact Sophie to discuss your interests

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