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Looking to get started or gain fluency in wildlife track and sign?


Here are some suggestions:

Get a Field Guide

Visit the Resources Page for recommendations

Enroll in the Tracking Connection

Online Course

The new Tracking Connection online course launches on February 8, 2023 and will feature weekly 30-min lesson releases (text, image and video) through the end of March, plus additional resources and optional assignments. Follow along week by week or at your own pace, with access for two years--tracking is a year-round practice, not just for winter.

Get Outside

New for 2023! 

8-module Online Course

Learn at your own pace

Includes access to all content for 2 years

Optional live Zoom sessions for Q&A and review on Feb 23 and March 23, 2023

Nothing beats "dirt time" or field time for learning how to track--especially time in the company of more experienced trackers. If you're in northern Vermont, reach out if you'd like to book a private or small-group tracking session.

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