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Have a story to share?

Thanks for your interest in our Tracking Story Night. This is a community-generated event that depends on storytellers like you!


We are currently accepting submissions for our April 6 event: Awakening.

Story guidelines:

  • Your story should relate to wildlife tracking and the theme of the night: Awakening (open to your interpretation)

  • Your story should be told, not read;

  • Your story should be true and personal;

  • Your story should take 7 mins or less to tell; and

  • Your story should have a beginning, a middle, and an ending.


Whether you are a practiced story-spinner or wanting to try something new, this is a friendly and supportive audience, excited to hear what you have to share.


Initial submission deadline: April 1 (after that, we'll only accept submissions if we have extra storyteller spots open). 

Questions? Contact Sophie at

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Submission received - thank you!

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